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Energy saving with Bronz-Glow:

Air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy.
The compressor in particular accounts for a large
proportion of it's power consumption. That is why it is
so important that the compressor operates under optimal conditions and with the highest possible level of efficiency.
The condensing temperature of the cooling system is a
critical factor: a low condensing temperature
results in a more efficient compressor.

This is why the investment in Bronz-Glow
can be recovered in less than one year.


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Pollution and corrosion have an enormous influence on the efficiency of cooling systems. Corrosion will affect the heat transfer between copper tubes and alluminium fins, pollution will reduce the airflow through the heat exchanger. The condensing temperature of the system will rise, the system will start to use more energy and at the same time the cooling capacity will be reduced.

The moment you need your air conditioning
is when it is most likely to let you down. Thorough inspection and energy saving measures must be applied to keep track
of the performance of the heat exchanger
at all times. Bronz-Glow can help.

energy chart

These charts explain how we do it ...

energy chart 2

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