BG Glow

How Bronz-Glow works:
Bronz-Glow can improve the efficiency of all
HVAC equipment because it addresses two major
problems inherent in all condenser designs.

Firstly, it tackles the fundamental flaw in the construction
of all condensers; and secondly it improves the problems created because of the differences in the coefficient of expansion between the tubes and the fins.

Having resolved these problems Bronz-Glow improves the
energy efficiency of the coated unit, reducing running costs
and extending it's life. Read more below...

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All condensers are constructed with
sharp corners and dirt traps which reduce
air flow and increase the pressure drop across the coil, increase head pressure,
and fan current draw; and electricity costs.

condenser construction

The fin geometry is not round due to
the punching action during manufacture
which also causes stress, cracking and
debris. In use more debris collects and
causes corrosion.

coated completely

The Bronz-Glow coating replaces all
the sharp corners with smooth radius
corners to stop dirt accumulation.
This removes the debris trap and increases the surface area, improving heat transfer.

Coefficient of expansion:

Copper tubes naturally expand at
different rates to aluminium fins, this over time will cause the copper to lose contact with the fin for some or all of its operation.

debris under the fins

The solution is to use a coating that will expand and contract and has the ability to
transfer heat at the same time keeping both fin and tube in contact at all times.


In turn the energy efficiency of the unit will improve, reducing costs and increasing the life of the asset - thanks to Bronz-Glow.


ISO 14001



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