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Condensers decay in all atmospheres:

Bronz-Glow have created a resistance capability list;
however, if you operate in an environment not listed
in our documentation, please contact us and we will
assess it to provide the best coating formulation.

The resistance list is available here >>

You may also be interested to view our online presentation:

<< Condenser Decay in Salt Atmospheres >>

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The Bronz-Glow resistance to various
agents and particles has been tested
in lab conditions.

The issue of a warranty to a condenser
by the Bronz-Glow corrosion protection system will be subject to the exposure conditions simulated in this test. Values are based on average concentrations; if there
is any doubt, consult the Bronz-Glow
R&D department.

oxide build up on fins

The problem: The formation of oxide
on fins and tubes will insulate the tube
reducing its ability to reject heat
and increasing the head pressure
(and your electricity bill )

resistance is expressed in terms of vapors, not fluids.

Concerning exposure to fluids, cleaning agents, chemicals, process fluids or others, Bronz-Glow should be consulted.

telephone: 01253 890666   
fax: 01253 890222


oxide build up on tubes

The solution: Stop the formation of oxide on the tubes and fins.


ISO 14001



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